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POS System

UGOPOS empowers the business people to serve faster and better at improbable magnitude. The whole store activities can be managed with swipes and clicks. UGOPOS provides a unique management system with easier Accessibility, Faster actions, Multi-tasking, Secure functioning, Accurate daily reports, etc.

  • Easy Menu Management
    Effective Menu enables better and easier menu management
  • Quick Order
    The inventory listing and dynamic allocations makes quick ordering
  • SaaS Model
    Advanced SaaS model maximise the advantages of cloud computing
  • Monthly Subscription
    Easy subscription enables to achieve consistency in business process regularly.

Our Features

Checkout our leatest features

Easy to Setup

Can be implemented in any android mobile/tablet. Easy Installation process.

Online & Offline

Can be Operated both online and offline. Network connectivity allows cloud backup.

PaperLess Billing

e-bills, is a growing trend, Now you can receive your bill online, saving paper and making your life a little easier.

Cloud Report

Effecient cloud storage enables data access from anywhere. Saves loads os storage.

Multi User

User permission to multiple users allows many to access the system simultaneously.

Multi Branches

Data flow between different locations, departments and teams can be easily and efficiently consolidated.


How effective UGOPOS is

Where can be implemented


The uniqueness and flexibility of UGOPOS makes it implementable in several arenas

Paperless Billing Software with unique features distinguish Ugopos from other mainstream systems.There are different business areas ugopos can thrive.

  • Cafe,Mini outlets and Takeaway counters

    The F&B outlets with limited resources can enhance the counter sales with ugopos.
  • Retail stores

    Suitable for fashion and related retail stores seeking easy billing
  • portable and versatile business

    ideal for businesses that are constantly mobile, such as food trucks, home and repair services, sports venues, flea markets, and market vendors, to conduct credit card and debit card transactions on the go.

Pricing Plan

List of our pricing packages


All plans include



Great for startups



Perfect for business


SMS Receipt No Yes
Email Receipt No Yes
Reports Yes Yes
Loyalty Module No Yes
Limited Menu Yes No
Multi Outlet No Optional
Cloud Storage No Yes
Menu Management No Yes
Multi User No Yes
Online Payment No Yes
Other No *SMS charges as per the usage

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